Massage Clean Now Open 24 Hours During Code Red 1 Hour $50

Because of the Pandemic I have decided to move my Massage practice to my
own home for many reasons.The main reason is there is much more privacy for
my clients and most importantly I provide a very safe and clean environment to be able to relax in.
There are very few things as relaxing as getting a good Massage.
As people seem to be more stressed than ever, services such as
Massage Therapy are needed more than ever. Soreness is a common side – effect
of a Massage, but if you are sore it probably means your muscles are weak or they
just need more time going back regular tension.
People who are very active tend to not feel sire the next day because their bodies
are used to muscle movement.
I strongly believe that a good massage should be based on pressure.
I believe in preparing the tissue and letting the muscle let you sink in…
It’s all about intuitive touch.
This doesn’t mean that every Massage needs to be Deep Tissue.
I do medium to Deep pressure where is needed which can be felt with my experienced hands.
Each client has their own pain scale and some people can’t even take light pressure.
I have to be very careful, each person is different and I try to avoid very Deep pressure.

Heated Massage table next to a comfortable fireplace with soothing soft music.
It is all about you and I do everything that I can to make a relaxing and pampering
experience for you. Being a R M T I can issue a Insurance receipt if needed at no additional cost.
1 hour Massage $50
Caucasian female with many years experience in Deep Tissue and relaxation techniques.
I wear a mask at all times and only see up to two clients a day this is to ensure we are all
healthy and safe.
Open 7 days a week
Now during this Pandemic many cannot sleep I am here for you to come in talk and relax.
Call or Text Brenda today
Lets discuss how I can help make you feel amazing
204 – 819 – 1453

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