Massage Sanctuary Wind Down Female RMT OPEN 24 HOURS

You might not always look back on your first time so fondly—maybe it was uncomfortable, or a little painful, or you only did it because you felt like everyone else was doing it. But you’ll always remember your best. The one that got all the kinks out, gave you tingles from head to toe, and left you all blissed out and loosey goosey. We’re talking about the best massage ever, of course. And if you haven’t had yours yet look no further.
I am a Corrective Muscle Therapist who believes in listening to my clients and creating a custom-tailored therapy session that will relax and provide lasting benefits.

My therapies include services ranging from chronic pain management to a destressing scalp massage and are suitable for people of all ages. First time Massage
1 hour JUST $55
Open 24 Hours
Open 7 days a week
receipts if you need for Insurance available
call or text Sylvia
204 – 400 – 1629

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