Pri Vate Massage v Open Anytime Rmt 24 Hours 1 hr $49

What if I told you there is a place that offers $49 a hr for a Massage? We know. We know. Without health coverage it is still hard to afford a Massage. What if I told you that I do offer $49 a hour for Massage? Hmm what’s the catch for this low price you ask? Now this offer sounds too good to be true. You may ask yourself what’s wrong with this Massage? Why is this Massage so cheap/ Are the cutting corners! Must be a one time offer only. Nope! Keep reading your jaw just might drop! Now what if I told you that your Massage will still provide the exact same experience just as if you were at a very pricey spa. Hot Stones Aroma Therapy Coconut oil Hot towels Heated table Face and foot Massage Does it matter if its relaxation Massage? Nope. Does it matter if its deep tissue Massage, relaxation, therapeutic Massage? Nope you still get the flat rate of 4$49 Hello I am Amber Lynn and I have been RMT now for 11 years. I really wanted to make Massage therapy affordable for everyone. I know what it is like to want to relax, manage your stress, ease aches and pains from many long hours at the office. Try my combo Massage. It is the most requested treatment, let me walk you through it. The first part of your Massage starts with some deep breathing and a very light pressure this gets your body used to my hands and lets me know your level of comfort for the pressure I will be using throughout your Massage. Slowly increasing blood circulation and getting out those tired knots do not be surprised to get that feeling of, it hurts so good! That is me Massaging your many trigger points and breaking up the scar tissue. Once your body melts onto the Massage table, I, your Massage therapist, will continue onto the next phase. Discounted Massage with premium service quality. Perfect for no Insurance coverage if you are on a budget but still want a quality Massage. Come book with me to get a very good Massage while still cheap on your pocket book.
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Insurance receipts available at a additional cost call or text Amber Lynn ( RMT ) 204 – 514 – 5870

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