PRIVATE MASSAGE ESCAPE STARTS @ $15 Open 24 Hours Relax Anytime

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Donna’s Massage Therapy Mission is to help release your stress and tension. Life can be stressful. Massage can help with sleep stress and pain in the body. There is nothing more important to me than my customer’s safety and well being. Considering the recent corona virus concerns, the floors in massage studio are washed, massage table is disinfected as well as every single client is ensured clean and fresh linens.

Hello I am Donna a European caucasian female R M T With 15 years experience in Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and deep tissue massage you can know you are in very capable professional hands. I use hot towels, a heated massage table and deep pressure for tight knots and pain.

Did you know that receiving a Massage in a spa is over crowded, noisy and not GUARANTEED to be even be clean? Did you also know that in a Spa a 1 hour massage you are lucky to receive 45 minutes? That is because in a Spa Massage therapists do 5 to 7 Massages a day. Talk about stress. This decreases the quality of your Massage. All they are concerned about is to etting you in and out as soon as possible so they can move onto the next customer. With me your not just a number. You can feel confident knowing you will receive the time you booked me for. After your Massage you are welcome to lay back for 15 minutes to relax. Relaxation takes time and should never feel or be rushed. PRICE LIST: Head & Neck Massage 10 Minutes $10 Neck & Shoulders 15 Minutes $15 Back 15 Minutes $15 Legs 15 Minutes $15 Head, Neck & Shoulders 20 Minutes $20 Shoulders & Arms 20 Minutes $20 Neck, Shoulders & Arms 25 Minutes $25 Reflexology 30 Minutes $30 Full Body ( Feet Excluded ) 30 Minutes $50 Full Body ( Feet Excluded ) 60 Minutes $80 Open Monday – Sunday Open 24 hours as I work from home i am flexible to my customers as some people work nights or maybe cannot sleep caused from stress or pain in the body. Call or text Donna 204 – 880 – 2654 guaranteed a relaxing pampering experience…