Relax Enjoy 1 Hour Massage $60 Very Clean Very Private


Need to release some stress and those tight knots in your body?
In the comfort of my own home, I’ll set up a nice comfortable atmosphere with some relaxing music. Enjoy some deep tissue massage to relax your body and clear your mind.
I’ll apply some pressure on those hard, stress areas with some relaxing oils to soft the muscles and make you feel relax and comfortable.
Relax your mind and bring comfort to your whole body through massage therapy. In addition to aiding in general relaxation, massage can also help with specific conditions, such as back pain, repetitive strain conditions and headaches.

Take a deep inhale and revel in the delightful, healing aroma of essential oils. During this treatment, our massage therapists apply a powerful blend of essential oils to specific pulse points on the body. It’s a combination of inhalation therapy and healing touch you won’t find anywhere else.
Lets face it right now we can all use relaxation.
Come lie on a heated massage table next to a fire place and let yourself go completely
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I want to provide a safe, relaxing place to help you with your wellness needs.
Due to many concerns regarding COVID-19, I am taking extra preventative measures to maintain a clean and safe environment for all of my Guests.
Keeping my guests safe is my top Priority. This is being achieved both by maintaining best sanitation/cleanliness practices and keeping my guests t as safe as possible.
one of our sanitation procedures, we will be wiping down every possible surface, including, door handles, I-pads, and Massage table..
I Use Cavi-Cide (the same cleaning that most hospitals are use) to clean along with Clorox Wipes.
I wipe the toilet seat and handles, sink handles and doorknobs between guest usage.

Sheets are washed with bleach and soap, and the dryer is used an additional 30 min after the clothes are dry to ensure sanitation.

oPEN my to Sunday
24 Hours
call or text brenda
204 – 880 – 2654

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