Relax Rewind Repeat Massage $49 Open Late

The days are short and gloomy. The nights are oh-so-long.
With Cool weather comes aches and pains.
Heated massage tables
Need I say more?
Our massage room is quiet and completely private. The whole atmosphere of it is utterly inviting. Peel off the layers! Lift the sheet. Ease yourself slowly against our heated, well-padded table as the sounds of soothing music and ocean waves brings your mind and spirit to rest. Take a deep breath, and get ready, because we haven’t even started yet.
A mini vacation
When you’re ready, the massage therapist comes in, gently places their hands between your shoulder blades, and begins to work their magic. Tension melts off you like suntan lotion in the summer sun. Months of stress built up since your last vacation evaporates. You feel your body sinking even deeper into the warmth of the table. Your mind drifts like a raft on clear blue waters.

Unwound, healed, happier
Reluctantly, you’ll rise from the table. You’ll have faint prints on your face from the wrinkles in the face rest cover. You’ll feel warm inside and out, glowing and flush with new circulation as you stretch what feels like a new back, arms, and legs. You’ll leave the clinic feeling just a little hazy from the deep, relaxing experience you’re still recovering from. In fact, it’s best if you avoid making any major life decisions in this state.

Even better new affordable rates
$49 yes thats right all in no tax
Insurance receipts additional $15
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