Relax Your Mind and Body with Massage Open until 1 am

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Lying in a quiet, dim room that is lightly scented with essential oils to promote relaxation while a trained massage therapist works out the knots and kinks in your muscles sounds like a luxurious and indulgent experience. Something that should be a special treat every once in a while, not something you have on a regular basis. Many have held this belief for decades, but the ways in which a massage can help us in our everyday lives are beginning to come to the forefront. There are several different types of massage that focus on different issues the patient might be experiencing.

Swedish Massage: Using long strokes and circular movements, Swedish massage is meant to relax and reenergize. Deep Tissue Massage: Using more forceful and targeted strokes, deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscle layers and connective tissues to help with muscle recovery. Sports Massage: Using techniques similar to Swedish massage, a sports massage is used to prevent or rehabilitate injuries. Trigger Point Massage: To ease muscles after an injury or overuse, trigger point massage works to ease tight muscle fibers.

I am Crystal 15 years massage experience I am sp happy to be open again and able to help people relax through massage I use precautions such as all clients must before entering my treatment room wash hands thoroughly as well as both the client and me the therapist will be wearing a mask. Hand sanitizer is in room for your use Now open Monday to Sunday Until 3 am call or text Crystal Guaranteed a very relaxing experience 204 880 2654