Safe Clean Massage Now Open 24 Hours During Code Red 1 Hour $50

The relaxation massage of many techniques rejuvenates the mind and body.
Relaxing every part of your body and mind using the techniques that are proven to work.
I use sensational motion with your body creating the most relaxing sensation throughout your massage.
The experience that you’ll feel is like no other as your blood starts to flow you’ll feel mentally at peace.
This helps surrender your thoughts while you become one with your body.
Experiencing the healing power of all pleasure.
Be prepared to feel all your worries washed away. As the massage gets deeper throughout your body.
Everybody is beautiful. All races, body types, ages, sexualities, and all levels of experience are welcomed and treated equally and respectfully.
Professional private studio, with a clean comfy table, low lighting, surround sound, and soft music.
Then after a nice massage enjoy a hot towel wipe down with essential oils that’ll leave your skin feeling clean, moist and relaxed.
Lie back next to a comfortable fire, enjoy a heated massage table .
Guaranteed pampering and very relaxing.
Lets face it right now we are stressed and can really benefit from 1 hour of relaxation.
The Government has made massage therapy a essential serice for good reasons.
Did you know that when the body is stressed it can lower the immune system.
Massage can help you relese tension good for both your mind and your body.

Please call or text Brenda 819 – 1453 for more info and to set up an available time.
$50 a hour
Last-minute appointments are welcome depending on availability.
Treat yourself right with full-body pleasure today!
Thank you, I’m looking forward to treating you just right.
I am a professional 48-year-old caucasian female, with 15 years experience in many relaxation and deep tissue tecniques and determined to have you leave feeling perfectly relaxed from your mind and body, head to toe.
Please do note that my home is exceptionally sterile and amazingly clean.
I see only 3 people at the most a day as well as sterilize all light swtiches and door knobs , and spray down the massage table after each and every single guest.
Towels are sterilized being washed in a bleach cleaner as well as i add a extra 40 minute to the dry cycle to ensure extra sanitization.
My goal as a Registered Massage Therapist is to help you relax unwind and forget about the world for your hour with me
again you can call or text Brenda anytime
204 – 819 – 1453
Stay Safe and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Brenda Sanderson
Registered Massage Therapist
Can give Insurance Receipt if needed.

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