Body scrub+ Massage 150 cad

Relaxing Massage+Exfoliation(feet and hands) 1 hour =150 cad
We accept credit cards,Etransfer and cash business receipt available
Body scrub: Removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother and fresher skin.
Unclogs pores: Helps to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from pores, preventing breakouts and blackheads.
Improves circulation: Massaging the scrub into the skin promotes blood flow, leading to healthier skin. Stimulates cell renew, Stimulates cell renew,Brightens complexion,Promotes collagen production:Prevents acne:Helps with skincare product absorption. Recommended every 15 days. = 150 cad Shower available
Available at home spa and mobile
Mobile cost 240 cad
10 am to 10 pm only per booking