Womb Massage $55.50/hr May Mother's Day Special *1st 12 Ladies*

Indulge in our Womb Massage Month of May Mother’s Day Special Package, featuring 3 visits of healing massage treatment to honour and nurture your Devine Feminine.

Womb Massage – Month of May Mother’s day special offered to the *1st 12 Ladies who book*
– 3 Visits – 8 total hours $444/Package
This treatment is inclusive of our Trauma Release Massage.
**Take advantage of this amazing rate before the offer ends**

This treatment is a journey into self . It is performed as a sacred ritual rather than a clinical transaction. In the deeply relaxed state of trauma-release massage, to rhythmic sounds and reverent honouring of your Divine Feminine, we hold space for difficult life events, inner child wounds, and inherited traumas to surface and release from their hold on your life and emotional state.

Transformative journeys in womb healing address complex trauma states including miscarriage, terminated pregnancies, abuse, and assault. It is also a powerful tool for physical ailments in reproductive health including cysts, fibroids, irregular cycles, painful periods, uncomfortable sex/orgasm and other uterine, cervical, or vulvar concerns.

**Also Available in the month of May: 20% off any Lomi Lomi massage treatment** (ladies only)

For additional information please visit:
website: momihio.com
Phone: 416.548.4083

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Certifications & Training:
Heartworks Lomi Lomi (level 1) – Huna Philosophy & Polynesian Healing system
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental training
Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment
Advanced Lomi Lomi: Extremities & Attachments
Ho’opa’a Lomi Lomi: Mastership Training
Trauma Release Massage
Womb & Fertility Massage

*Receipt Available where applicable